What is a Workshop?

The purpose of our Workshops is to offer students the possibility of integrating the competences they have acquired in their academic career with practical activities, where to apply theories and methodologies to the handling of authentic material.

Attendance to Workshop activities is mandatory (you may not miss more than 20% of the scheduled activities), and active participation is expected.


If you intend to participate in a Workshop, the registration is mandatory.  You can register to the Workshop of your choice form 23 October and until 11 November, by filling in the form (in Italian) which is available here.

In due course (i.e. a few weeks before the beginning of your Workshop), you will be contacted by the teacher in charge of this activity and notified about the dates and times of the classes


Upon completion of the activities, the Segreteria Studenti will proceed with the registration of your credits.

Workshop in English

Elements of Western Culture 

The purpose of this Workshop is to illustrate the meaning(s) and the range of applications of specific concepts which are common, semantically transparent and pragmatically effective in the Western Culture, but whose understanding – given their level of abstraction, crystallization and conventionalization – may be problematic for people with other cultural backgrounds.

The Workshop will be organized as a series of classes (held by different professors, experts in different domains) covering various notions, at the end of which students will be required to work on a short presentation of similar or conflicting notions with respect to those presented in class, which are relevant and common for their culture, but possibly opaque for other cultures, especially the Western one.


Classes: March-May 2024

Attendance is required

Pre-requisite: C1 level of competence in English

Reference teacher: prof. Michele Sala

Laboratori in Italian

Refer to the page in Italian, here