"English Historical Lexicography in the Digital Age: Focus on Social and Geographical Variation"

11 Aprile 2019 - 13 Aprile 2019
International Symposium

Invited keynote speakers

Organising committee

Marina Dossena (chair), Stefano Rosso, Rossana Bonadei and Polina Shvanyukova

The event takes place as part of the initiatives organized by the Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures of the University of Bergamo as a Dipartimento di Eccellenza 2018-2022 and benefits from research conducted by the organizers in the 2015 PRIN research project Knowledge Dissemination across Media in English: Continuity and change in discourse strategies, ideologies, and epistemologies (prot. 2015TJ8ZAS).

The initiative is also supported by Token: A Journal of English Linguistics, AIA - Associazione Italiana di Anglistica, the Italian branch of ESSE, the European Society for the Study of English, and Open Linguistics.

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Second circular and preliminary programme

The programme as of 23 Jan. 2019.